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TSLAC 02872 Austin National Flag

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Stephen F. Austin

TSLAC 02872
Austin National Flag

Though no drawings exist, contemporary accounts of revolutionary Texas indicate that the Texans used a modified version of the American flag as their standard, with thirteen stripes of red and blue along with a single Lone Star in the blue canton. In November 1835, Stephen F. Austin, the “Father of Texas,” was selected as part of a delegation to go to the United States to seek weapons, loans, and volunteers to help the Texans fight against Mexican rule. Austin suggested this flag design, which modified the simple design in use to incorporate additional symbolism, including an English Union Jack in the canton and Mexican tri-colors.

The writing across the bottom reads, "Idea for an independent flag- The shape of the english Jack in the corner indicates the origin of the North American people. The stripes indicate the immediate descent of the most of the Texians. The star is Texas-the tri colour is Mexican."

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