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TSLAC 02873 Commission National Flag

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TSLAC 02873
Commission National Flags

In the spring of 1836, the Texas commissioners to the United States – Stephen F. Austin, William H. Wharton, and Branch T. Archer – revised Austin’s already-complicated design. They proposed to include a profile of George Washington surrounded by “rays of liberty” and the quotation, “Where liberty dwells, there is my country.” Apparently, neither the Austin flag nor the Commission flag was ever seriously considered for adoption and no examples were actually created.

The mottos in the center read, "Where Liberty dwells there is my country," and "WASHINGTON-In his example there is safety."

The writing across the bottom reads:

In place of the star, put the sun with the head of Washington
in the center, and rays, representing the light of liberty, radiating
all round-outside of this and above, put the motto "Where
Liberty dwells there is my country"---change the stripes from
green to blue & have exactly thirteen of them [text scribbled
over]-the stripes will then be blue and white-change the ground
of the Jack in the corner from white to yellow, or leave it white


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