Historic Flags of the Texas State Library and Archives

TSLAC 306-4064 U.S. National 28-Star Flag

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Wool and cotton,
116.5 X 165 inches

2000 Conservation report (PDF)2000 Conservator's report - Textile Preservation Associates

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TSLAC 306-4064
U.S. National 28-Star Flag

This United States flag reflects the annexation of Texas as the 28th state in the Union. The version of the flag is exceedingly rare, and served as the national flag of the United States only from July 4, 1846 to July 4, 1847, when a 29th star was added to reflect the admission of Iowa as a state. The large size of this flag (approximately 13 x 9 feet) has led to speculation that it flew over a major public building, but no evidence exists to document the flag’s use.


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