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TSLAC 306-4040 Gould's Battalion - 6th Texas Cavalry Battalion (dismounted)

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Cotton and silk,
57 X 72 inches


1980 Conservation report (PDF)1980 Conservator's report - Panhandle Plains Historical Museum

1999 Conservation report (PDF)1999 Conservator's report - Textile Preservation Associates

1893 letter on the history of flag (PDF)1893 letter on the history of flag

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TSLAC 306-4040
Gould's Battalion - 6th Texas Cavalry Battalion (dismounted)

This homespun cotton flag is an unusual variation of the Confederate national flag, often called the “Stars and Bars” (not to be confused with the Confederate battle flag, which bears the image of a St. Andrew’s Cross). Instead of the eleven smaller stars in the canton, this flag features the Lone Star of Texas, along with a shield in the white stripe reading “TEXAS.”  It was pieced together and appliquéd by the women of Crockett, Texas, and provides a fine example of the creativity of the women who designed the flags of many units. The vast majority of homemade Texas flags incorporate the Lone Star.

The 6th Texas Cavalry Battalion was organized in May 1862 in Houston County. It was called “Gould’s Battalion” for its organizer, Major Robert S. Gould of Leon County. For most of the war, the battalion served in Walker’s Texas Division under the command of John George Walker. This was the only Confederate division comprised of troops from a single state, and was known for its endurance and speed in making forced marches to defend various points in the Trans-Mississippi. Gould’s Battalion saw hard fighting at the Battles of Mansfield, Pleasant Hill, Jenkins' Ferry, and numerous small battles and skirmishes along the rivers in Arkansas and Louisiana. Devastated by disease, not more than 100 of the battalion’s original 525 members were still living at the end of the war.

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