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TSLAC 306-4039 Unidentified Unit

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Silk, 70 x 73 inches

1980 Conservation report (PDF)1980 Conservator's report - Panhandle Plains Historical Museum

1999 Conservation report (PDF)1999 Conservator's report - Textile Preservation Associates

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TSLAC 306-4039
Unidentified Unit

This flag, from an unidentified Texas regiment, is inscribed with battle honors "Mansfield, April 8th 1864" and "Pleasant Hill, April 9, 1864." This flag is important for two reasons. First, it was carried by a Texas unit in the two desperate Louisiana battles that turned back Union General Nathaniel Banks' Red River Expedition, thus saving East Texas from invasion by Federal troops. Second, it is one of only two “Taylor” battle flags still in existence. Taylor flags are named for General Richard Taylor, the Confederate commander in western Louisiana, and display the reverse colors of the more well-known Confederate battle flag.

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