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TSLAC 306-4050 Commodore's Flag - Alabama

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Wool and Cotton, 26.5 x 33.5 (29.5 inset)

1980 Conservation report (PDF)1980 Conservator's report - Panhandle Plains Historical Museum

Undated list of "Confederate Naval Flags" (PDF)Undated list of "Confederate Naval Flags" (offered for information only)

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TSLAC 306-4050
Commodore's Flag - Alabama

In a tradition dating back to the British Royal Navy, both Confederate and Union ships flew flags at the masthead to designate the vessel of a fleet commander. This swallow-tail pennant with a single white star is that of a commodore, which is a captain serving as commander of a squadron. Commodores' pennants varied in color, with the most senior officer flying a blue flag, while the second-in-command flew a red flag, and the others white flags with blue stars.

This flag has been described as an "Alabama naval flag" for reasons now lost. More information is needed to test theories such as whether the flag was associated with an officer from Alabama, a ship outfitted at one of the naval yards in Alabama (Mobile, Selma, or Montgomery), captured in a naval battle off the coast of Alabama, or flown aboard the legendary raider CSS Alabama.

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