Daniel Webster to Governor of Texas Transmitting Copy of 1850 Boundary Act

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Boundary Act - Page 5

First: The State of Texas will
agree that her boundary on the North
shall commence at the point at which
the meridian of one hundred degrees west
from Greenwich is intersected by the par=
allel of thirty six degrees thirty minutes
north latitude, and shall run from said
point due west to the meridian of one
hundred and three degrees west from
Greenwich; thence her boundary shall
run due south to the thirtysecond degree
of north latitude; thence on the said
parallel of thirty two degrees of north
latitude to the Rio Bravo del Norte,
and thence with the channel of said

river to the Gulf of Mexico.

Second. The State of Texas
cedes to the United States all her claim
to territory exterior to the limits and
boundaries which she agrees to establish
by the first article of this agreement

Third. the State of Texas
relinquishes all claim upon the United
States for liability of the debts of Texas,



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