Daniel Webster to Governor of Texas Transmitting Copy of 1850 Boundary Act

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Boundary Act - Page 7

issued in favor of the State of Texas,
as provided for in the fourth article
of this agreement: Provided, also,
That no more than five millions of
said stock shall be issued until the
creditors of the State holding bonds and
other certificates of Stock of Texas for
which duties on imposts were specially
pledged, shall first file at the Treas=
ury of the United States releases of all
claim against the United States for or
on account of said bonds, or certificates
in such form as shall be prescribed
by the Secretary of the Treasury and
approved by the President of the United
States. Provided, That nothing herein
contained shall be construed to impair
or qualify anything contained in the
3rd article of the 2nd section of the "Joint
Resolution for annexing Texas to the
United States," approved March 1, 1845,
either as regards the number of States
that may hereafter be formed out of
the State of Texas, or otherwise.


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