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Archival Award of Excellence

Celebrate Archives Month by Honoring the Achievements of a Texas Archival Institution and an Individual

The Texas Historical Records Advisory Board's Archival Award of Excellence recognizes significant achievements in preserving and improving access to historical records in any format by a Texas archival institution and individual achievements.

For institutions:

All Texas institutions responsible for archival records that provide public access to at least a portion of their collection are eligible. Achievements include recent projects and/or ongoing programs that build collections, enhance access to archives, develop effective digitization programs, or implement preservation stategies.

For individual:

An archivist or individual who has made an outstanding contribution in the areas of management, preservation, access, advocacy, or use of historical records in Texas. Nominees must have accomplished the work within the state of Texas during the five years preceding the year in which the award is presented. Current THRAB members are not eligible.

Nomination Process:

Submit an Archival Award of Excellence Nomination form, a Statement of Work Accomplished, 3 Letters of Support and any supporting materials.

Send nominations via email or U.S. mail to:

Jelain Chubb
ATTN: THRAB Archival Award of Excellence
Texas State Library and Archives Commission
P.O. Box 12927
Austin, TX 78701
Nominations must be received by July 31, 2018



2017 Recipients

(Austin, TX)
Susan Smith Dorsey
(Austin, TX)






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