Texas Reading Club and Texas Teens Read! Programs

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) hosted the first Texas Reading Club in 1958 to encourage Texas youth to read for pleasure and retain reading skills gained throughout the school year. The program continued annually until 2013 when the TSLAC joined the national Collaborative Summer Library Program.

Each year from 1958-2012, a unique theme was selected for the Texas Reading Club. Artists created artwork including posters, certificates, bookmarks, reading logs, and clip art to promote the program. Texas librarians created programming manuals to support the annual themes. The manuals from 2002-2012 are online and include chapters with programs for young adults.

In 2008, the Texas State Library hosted the first young adult reading club, Texas Teens Read! Each year, Texas librarians selected a unique theme and an artist to create posters, certificates, bookmarks, reading logs, and clip art, and they created programming manuals to support the annual themes. The manuals from 2008 through 2012 are on online.

This site is provides links to the many excellent programs for young adults in the 2002 -2007 Texas Reading Club manuals and in the 2008-2012 Texas Teens Read! manuals. Some of the URLs in the programs are no longer active, and for this we apologize.

These manual programs are shared with greatest appreciation to the many dedicated librarians who contributed their talents to Texas Reading Club and Texas Teens Read! manuals through the years, and most especially to those who served on the Texas Library Association Children’s Round Table and Young Adult Round Table Advisory Committees. Our hope is that their contributions will inspire librarians for years to come.

Programs from 2008-2012 Texas Teens Read! Manuals

2012 Theme:  TSI: Realm of the Unknown  Artist: Kim Donor

Online Program Manual by Natasha Benway, Rebecca Denham, Jennifer Dudley, Jeanine Madden, Stephanie Murphy, Megan Nieves, Kendra Perkins, Rose Ramon, Jennifer Shelly, Julia Riley, Priscilla Suarez, Gilliam Wiseman, Lisa Youngblood


Realm of the Paranormal / Realm of the Future / Vampire Ball / Friends of Fangs / Scream-In / The Body in the Billiard Room / Catch Me If You Can! / Geocaching

2011 Theme:  Going Global, Staying Connected!  Artist: Christy Stallop

Online Program Manual  (PDF Manual) by Deban Becker, Natasha Benway, Monique Franklin, Kit Ward-Crixell


BollywoodBook Trailerzzz / Yoga + SmoothiesCreate a WorldGlobe TrottingMail ArtReading with HeartTeen Shorts

2010 Theme: Within Arms Reach: The Future Is Yours!   Artist: Angela Martini

Online Program Manual  (PDF Manual) by Kim Archer, Deban Becker, Natasha Benway, Valerie Jensen, Maritza Hernandez, Ashli Pingry


"Lost and Found" Items Art ProjectsTrace Your Friend Craft (and Display)ScrapbookingOngoing Gaming / Read Wherever - However ActivityScavenger HuntTeen Come and Go Scavenger HuntOnline Book Clubs and BlogsOnline Mystery Search

2009 Theme:  Time Twistin' TTR.09   Artist: Emily Fiegenschuh

Online Program Manual  (PDF Manual) by Deban Becker, Natasha Benway, Monique Franklin, Kit Ward-Crixell


Altered Books / Writing and Arts Contest / Fantasy Festival / Manga Mania / A Time-Travel Photo Challenge / Cartoon Creations, Front Page News, and Virtual Time Travel / Time Twistin' the RPG / Zine Workshop

2008 Theme:  Game On!   Artost" Rod Espinosa

Online Program Manual by Deban Becker, WyLaina Hildreth, Amanda Hipp, Christine McNew, Kendra Perkins


Food Fights / Game-ology  / Mind Games  / RPG Quests  / Trivia Games  / Videogaming  / Whodunit  / Xtreme Games


Programs from 2002-2007 Texas Reading Club Program Manual Young Adult Chapters

2007 Theme:  Sail Away with Your Imagination by Sara Bracht, WyLaina Hildreth, Christine McNew


Celebration: Get Physical @ your library / Stay Cool with Origami / Celestial Scavenger Hunt / Arggh Matey: Got Pirattitude? / Water Legends and Lore / Nautical Knots / Paint the Sea / Terrors of the Deep / Cool Clear Water

2006 Theme:  Reading: The Sport of Champions! by Jeanette Larson


Brain Games / Poetry in Motion / Sports Images / Extreme Sports / Jog Your Mind / Wheeling Around / Team Library / Sports Shorts

2005 Theme:  Get Wild...Read! by Michele Gorman


Get to Know Your Inner Cosmic BeingWild Wear! / Wild About the Written Word! / Wild About Symbols and Signs / Into the Wilderness: Survival of the Fittest / Explore Your Wild World! / Crack the Code / Joker’s Wild

2004 Theme:  Color Me Cool! by Jeanette Larson


In Technicolor / Colorful Cartoons / Colorful Comedy / Artist's Harvest / Pixel Art / Color Me Cool / Team Colors / Carnival Time

2003 Theme: Operation: Top Secret! by Adriana Flores and Victor Schill


Operation Top Secret! / Operation: Urban Legends / Operation: Poetry Slam! / Operation: Yuck It Up! / Operation: Teen Code Raiders / Operation: Who Stole the Crown Jewels? / Operation: Superheroes and Japanese Art Exhibit / Operation: Mystery Book Discussion / Operation: Board Games

2002 Theme:  Travel Quest: Moving Without Motion by Adriana Heard


Your Dream Destination / Picture This! CD Picture Frame Craft / Are Yu A Survivor? Surviving the Texas Outback / Take a Look! Photography Basics for Teens / Eat It Up! Cuisines of the World Food Competition / Where is Mona Lisa? Internet Art Scavenger Hunt / Can You Dance to That? / Flaming Fingertips Teen Journal Writing Workshop


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