Texas Library and Archives Foundation Launches New Website and Online Book Store

Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Austin, TX

Texas Library and Archives Foundation Launches New Website and Online Book Store

Gateway to Free Online Research and Records for Homebound Texans

The Texas Library and Archives Foundation, Inc., the statewide nonprofit organization chartered to exclusively support the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) has launched a new website at www.txlaf.org.

The mission of the Texas Library and Archives Foundation (TxLAF) is “to support the interests of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission in order to collectively promote learning, literacy, and the preservation of Texas History.” Originally enabled by state law in the late 1990s and formed as the Friends of Libraries and Archives of Texas, the group went through a major reorganization in 2020 under the leadership of President Andrea Lapsley of Houston to recharter as a foundation and launch a new website alongside a statewide membership and fundraising drive.

Engraved portrait of Ben R. Milam.Capitol In Snow, [between 1939-1941]. Image 1976/008-197, Texas Department of Public Safety photographs, courtesy of Texas State Library and Archives Commission. View other Texas Treasures on the TxLAF website at www.txlaf.org.

“In 2020 our Board reimagined the organization and website to better reflect our mission and the important work of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission,” said Lapsley. “The new website is easy to navigate and gives the viewer an insight into the resources and programs we support statewide, as well as the treasures housed within the library. We hope you take a moment to check out the site, learn more and donate.”

The new website includes a selection of Texas Treasures from the State Archives, such as the 1836, Texas Declaration of Independence, one of the first designs for the Lone Star Flag, William Barrett Travis’s famous letter from the Alamo, and a selection of historic photographs, newspapers, publications, maps, and documents. A variety of free research opportunities can be found at TSLAC, including not only library and archival collections, but also more than 75,000 photographs, vital statistic indexes, county tax rolls and records, city directories, historic newspapers, free access to online genealogy research sites such as Ancestry.com for Texas residents, and much more.

In addition to a new look and behind-the-scenes photographs, the site also allows TxLAF supporters nationwide to support the foundation’s work through a new online bookshop powered by Bookshop.org where readers can purchase Texas books from a specially curated collection, including current and past Texas Great Read titles. Each purchase generates a commission supporting TxLAF. There is also an option to give directly using a secure online donation platform. One hundred percent of every gift to TxLAF directly supports the foundation’s programs. Donations can be made in honor or memory of a loved one, teacher, librarian, or friend and are tax exempt.

Supporters, history buffs, and book lovers who want to be the first to hear about upcoming events and initiatives can sign up for the new TxLAF electronic newsletter through the web site. Current and past editions can also be found on the site.

TxLAF invests in Texas libraries through literary awareness events, grants, research fellowships, school programs, exhibit support, and book festivals celebrating continued education and our state’s rich documentary heritage. They support special archival exhibits at TSLAC, which holds millions of historic artifacts, both in Austin and at the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center in Liberty—from rare maps and films to historic letters. TxLAF also provides opportunities to volunteer for literary events and fundraisers, uniting people who share a love of learning in their communities.

To learn more about TxLAF, visit the new website at www.txlaf.org.


The Texas State Library and Archives Commission provides Texans access to the information they need to be informed, productive citizens by preserving the archival record of Texas; enhancing the service capacity of public, academic and school libraries; assisting public agencies in the maintenance of their records; and meeting the reading needs of Texans with disabilities. For more information, visit www.tsl.texas.gov.

Susan Floyd
Communications Officer
Page last modified: December 8, 2020