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Texas State Library and Archives Commission Employees of the Quarter are nominated by their TSLAC colleagues and are selected by the TSLAC Employee Recognition Committee. Employees of the Quarter are presented with a Certificate of Merit and eight hours administrative leave at the TSLAC Quarterly Awards Ceremony.

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Suzanne Holman and Jaime Reyes

Our Employees of the Quarter for the Fourth Quarter of Fiscal Year 2009

SUZANNE HOLMAN – Noted for her professionalism, high quality of work and willingness to help anyone do anything, Suzanne Holman has distinguished herself as an outstanding Library Development (LD) and TSLAC employee, according to her director, Deborah Littrell.

Suzanne is LD’s graphics designer extraordinaire and as such, unfailingly creates professional designs for her division but also always pitches in to help with projects not related to LD or to graphics design work. She is always the first Library Development staff person to volunteer for any additional duties to help out the agency.

In addition to her spirit of volunteerism, Suzanne is regarded as a highly accomplished and creative designer.

“During design meetings and brainstorming sessions, Suzanne is instrumental in stimulating creative thinking and developing new ideas,” according to Peggy Oster, Executive’s Graphics Designer. “Suzanne’s extra effort with agency special events and conferences has made a direct impact on the professional and timely outcomes of these agency endeavors.”

In addition to helping Executive staff with professional graphics design projects, Suzanne has helped with agency-wide projects such as the Centennial celebration last March, fundraising events and with employee recognition events.

Suzanne is known for completing projects on deadline and along the way cheerfully handling both simple and complicated projects. Her LD colleagues said that she has helped bring LD materials in line with current technology while developing good working relationships with just about anyone she encounters. Hardworking, detail-oriented and ultimately totally trustworthy, Suzanne never says “no” according to her director. “She exemplifies the qualities of someone who is an Employee of the Quarter.”

Jamie Reyes photoJAMIE REYES – In less than one year of employment, Jaime Reyes, Library Development’s Web Editor, has made a giant impact on the division’s productivity, customer service and communication with our customers. Library Development (LD) has many duties and areas, and Jaime’s efforts have improved just about every one because, according to his colleagues, he is always thinking of ways to streamline and make things easier for everyone.

Jaime has improved the division’s process for organizing annual report data, made simple changes to Web pages that have resulted in big improvements and worked hard on an Access database for workshop statistics gathering for Continuing Education Consultants.

“From his first day on the job, Jaime sought input from staff to learn our division goals, understand the processes and roles of each department and staff so he could best help us advance our online presence, automate functions and share his expertise for …accessing and viewing Web content,” a colleague stated.

Jaime also played a major role in the public library accreditation process this year. He took over the task of automating the accreditation of public libraries based on annual reports submitted by libraries. He spent many hours constructing queries – no less than 58 – for data from 568 libraries that totaled at least 32,944 data checks. Of this, 15,904 were identified as reporting issues. Of these, 261 were critical errors where libraries faced the loss of accreditation. Because of his work, LD staff were able to contact libraries to amend their reports, resulting in only four libraries not being able to continue their accreditation.

Additionally, Jaime’s work made it possible for LD to submit its federal report early and ensured the agency’s receipt of the Keppel Award, presented each year to state libraries that report certain data by a specific deadline.

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