Celebrate Archives Month in October!

Texas archivists celebrate Texas Archives Month in conjunction with American Archives Month each October. Texas archival institutions, repositories and organizations are offering exhibits and activities as we raise awareness about what archives have in our holdings and what archivists do with our collections. Webinars, workshops and exhibits will be on offer throughout the month.

Watch how archivists tag images for preservation and access during the University of North Texas Special Collections’ metadata live stream or log-in for a webinar on Native American boarding school records from the Society of American Archivists (SAA). Want to learn how to preserve your personal digital archive? The Texas State Library and Archives Commission has a workshop for that! And hop on to Twitter on October 2 when archivists from TSLAC and other repositories participate in #AskAnArchivist Day. We are also promoting archival activities that you should make plans to attend later in the fall. You will find Archives Bazaars happening in Houston and Denton, for instance, and SAA workshops at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

The Texas Historical Records Advisory Board (THRAB) maintains a Texas Archives Month webpage to keep track of all these happenings across the state.THRAB announces the annual Award for Archival Excellence as part of the Texas Archives Month celebrations and, as was recently reported here, the Texas Archives Month poster is up and available for download from the site. Keep an eye on Out of the Stacks for announcements about these and other archival activities coming up.

Happy Texas Archives Month!

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