Celebrate Preservation Week

Each year, the American Library Association (ALA) designates one week in April to recognize the preservation challenges faced by those who wish to save for future generations collections of books, historical records, photos, documents and a range of media formats. Celebrate Preservation Week with pro tips from librarians and archivists on how best to store and care for your most priceless items. Take in a webinar, download a flyer and peruse the State Archives’ Preservation Tips page for valuable information on how to protect your most precious memories.

Flyer with preservation tips from the American Library Association.

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) site provides preservation information and connects visitors to useful educational resources. The State Archives maintains a Preservation Tips page with guidance on how to care for collections of books, documents and photos at home or on the job. The Preservation page covers such essential issues as environmental control, pest management and how to respond to water emergencies. In addition, the Texas Historical Records Advisory Board (THRAB) offers professional development opportunities for those tasked with caring for archival materials.

THRAB is currently coordinating an Emergency Planning workshop series for Texas archives professionals, which launched during Preservation Week with a webinar on April 23. The second part in the series takes place on “May Day” (May 1), which is when the archival community draws attention to the threats disasters pose as we strive to preserve our cultural heritage collections. Preservation Consultant, Rebecca Elder teaches the webinars and will offer hands-on workshops in June. For more about this series, visit: https://www.tsl.texas.gov/workshops.

The State Archives maintains a web page with Preservation Tips.

To celebrate Preservation Week, we leave you with Preservation FAQs from the State Archives:

How do I repair my family Bible, cookbook, or other treasured item?
How do I clean my books?
I have books covered in worn leather. Should I apply oils or leather dressings?
How do I preserve my newspaper clippings?
Is there a single product or treatment I can use to preserve my family papers and photographs?
What is the best way to frame my old documents and photographs to preserve them?
How do I flatten a long, rolled-up photo?
What is the best way to preserve my family scrapbook and photo album?

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