Out of the Stacks and into the Catalog: Searching with WebCat en Español/Buscar con WebCat en Español

By Birch Griesse, Library Assistant


While most of the books in TSLAC’s collections are in English, some patrons may prefer the experience of using Spanish-language navigation while searching the library holdings. Anyone using a computer with internet access may search TSLAC’s library catalog to discover what we have. Although the library catalog records are in English, there is an option to search the catalog using our Spanish-language interface. Located In the upper right-hand corner of the homepage, the “WebCat en español” link will change the screen to Spanish mode. Please note that the search terms themselves should be entered in English.

Figure 1. The link to WebCat en español
Figure 2. The WebCat en español interface

Navigating WebCat en español

The WebCat en español interface has special navigation buttons, with some in Spanish and others still in English. Instead of a search button or the enter key, there are six different buttons underneath the search box.

There are also navigation links in the WebCat header. “Regresar” is used in place of the browser button to go back. Clicking “Enlazar con página” generates a link to the current page. “Ayuda” opens as new window with more information about WebCat en español, and “Desconexión” logs you out.

Starting a search

Because the majority of TSLAC’s holdings are in English, searching in English will yield more results.

Select one of the blue buttons underneath the search box.

  • Words or phrase. Will bring up any materials that include your words or phrase, whether in the title, the name of the author, or the summary.
  • Author. Search by author. The author can be a person or institution.
  • Title. Search by title.
  • Subject. Search by subject headings. The List of Library of Congress Subject Headings is used to describe what an item is about. Note that the headings are in English and the catalog’s Spanish interface does not translate them.
  • Series. Search by series title.
  • Periodical Title. Search by periodical title.

The radio buttons above the search box are used to change the type of search.

  • Palabra clave. Retrieve records that contain some part of the search term. For example, a title search for “Texas women” would retrieve any record with “Texas” or “women” in the title.
  • Navegación. Retrieve an alphabetical list of titles, authors, or subject headings. The list begins with the record that goes before the search term alphabetically. If the search term is not found, it retrieves the list of records in which it would go second.
  • Exacta. Search the search term exactly as it is written. For example, a title search for “Texas women” would retrieve only records with “Texas women” as the title.

Navigating the results

Figure 3. Results of the title search “Texas women”

At the top of the results you will find the number of records retrieved. Above this, in the header, are some new navigation links. “Refine search” allows you to refine your current search. “Nueva búsqueda” allows you to begin a new one.

“Mis artículos guardados” links to a page where you can save records you want to go back to. Clicking the “Mantener” box to the left of the record saves it in this page.

Navigating a record

Figure 4. The “Información de ejemplar” view of a record, including location

Clicking on one of the results retrieves the item display. The “Información de ejemplar” view gives basic information about the item, including its location. If you find a title you are interested in, contact the Reference Desk: ref@tsl.texas.gov. Knowing the call number (“call number” in figure 4) or title will help identify the title more quickly.

Clicking “Registro de catálogo” directs you to more detailed information, which can include subject headings, a summary, or a table of contents.

For other catalog search tips, check out the “Out of the Stacks and Into the Catalog” blog series.

TSLAC wishes you good luck with your research. Questions can be directed to the reference staff at: ref@tsl.texas.gov or 512-463-5455.

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