Dome Interior

"Texas State Capitol: Dome Interior" | Credit: TSLAC on Flickr

 Texas Cowboy (Hooves)

"Texas State Capitol: Texas Cowboy (Hooves)" | Credit: TSLAC on Flickr

 The Hiker

"Texas State Capitol: The Hiker" | Credit: TSLAC on Flickr

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Picture Texas with TSLAC

Launched March 2013

How would you picture the spirit of Texas? The Texas State Library and Archives Commission invites the general public to picture Texas with TSLAC. Share with us original photographs that capture the spirit of Texas as you see it, from wherever you are, and we’ll showcase your work on a special Flickr page for the public to discover, view, and enjoy. TSLAC will share photos with you, too.

All photos are grouped at This is a public webpage that anyone with an Internet connection can view, even those who are not members of Flickr.

Selected images from this group will continue to be featured on TSLAC’s Facebook (#PictureTexas) and Twitter (#PicTex) pages. We've been featuring photos for months now, and we try to be creative about it. Scroll through our Facebook timeline for examples. We'll let you know when and how your work is featured.

How to Share Your Pictures with TSLAC

You can share your photos with us in one of two ways:

  1. If you’re a member of Flickr:
    1. Join the “Picture Texas with TSLAC” group: It’s public and anyone can join.
    2. Add your photo(s) to the group pool.
    3. There is no limit on the number of photos you can share.
  2. If you’re not a member of Flickr:
    1. It’s free and easy to join, so consider joining Flickr at to share your photos with us.
    2. If you decline to join Flickr, we will upload your photo(s) to the “Picture Texas with TSLAC” Flickr group for you.
    3. We will upload a maximum of 3 photos on behalf of each participant.
    4. Email your photo(s) as an attachment to with the subject line “Picture Texas with TSLAC.”
    5. Include a title and brief caption for each photo you attach.
    6. Include your name and current city, so we can give you full credit for your work.
    7. We will not disclose your email address on Flickr.


  • This is not a contest, simply an invitation to group your Texas-themed photo(s) on Flickr with those of others for the public to discover, view, and enjoy.
  • You retain the copyright and all rights to your work.
  • By sharing your work, you represent, acknowledge, and warrant that each shared photo is an original work created solely by you.
  • By sharing your photo(s) with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, you grant TSLAC permission to post and/or share your photo(s) on all the agency’s web and social media pages.
  • Photos must be in digital format. No print or film photos will be accepted.
  • Photos can be taken with any device you choose (e.g., digital camera, cell phone, iPad, etc.).
  • Photos must not disparage; contain material that is inappropriate, indecent, or vulgar; or promote bigotry, racism, hatred or discrimination based on race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
  • Photos must not, in the sole and unfettered discretion of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, contain obscene, provocative, defamatory, sexually explicit, or otherwise objectionable or inappropriate content.
  • Your shared photo(s) will remain in the “Picture Texas with TSLAC” group on Flickr, until you choose to remove your work from the group or until TSLAC (as the group administrator) chooses to close the group, whichever comes first.

Page last modified: May 14, 2014