Beyond 2000: Books, Bytes and Beginnings, Agency Strategic Plan Fiscal Years 2001-2005

Table of Contents


Texas State Government -

Vision, Mission, and Philosophy

Texas State Library and Archives Commission-

Vision, Mission, and Philosophy

Agency Goals, Objectives, Strategies, and Measures

(includes links to Measures Definitions described in Appendix D)

State Goals and Benchmarks

External/Internal Assessment

Chapter One - Overview of Agency Scope and Functions

  • Statutory basis
  • Historical perspective
  • Affected populations
  • Main functions
  • Public perception

Chapter Two - Organizational Aspects

  • Size and composition of workforce
  • Organizational structure and process
  • Location of agency
  • Location of service populations
  • Human resources strengths and weaknesses
  • Capital asset strengths and weaknesses
  • Agency use of historically underutilized businesses
  • Key events, areas of change, and impact on organization

Chapter Three - Fiscal Aspects

  • Size of budget (trends in expenditures)
  • Method of finance
  • Per capita and other states' comparisons
  • Budgetary limitations (appropriation riders)
  • Degree to which budget meets current and expected needs
  • Agency benchmarks

Chapter Four - Service Population Demographics

Chapter Five - Technological Developments

  • Impact of technology on current operations
  • Degree of agency automation and telecommunications
  • Impact of anticipated technological advances
  • Direction of agency automation and telecommunications

Chapter Six - Economic Variables

Chapter Seven - Impact of Federal Statutes and Regulations

  • Historical involvement of federal government
  • Description of current federal activities
  • Anticipated impact of future federal actions

Chapter Eight - Other Legal Issues

  • Impact of deferred statutory changes
  • Impact of current and outstanding court cases
  • Impact of local government requirements

Chapter Nine - Self-Evaluation and Opportunities for Improvement

  • Meeting legal requirements and serving critical populations
  • Agency characteristics requiring improvement
  • Key obstacles
  • Opportunities
  • Relationship with local, state, and federal entities
  • Available key technological, capital, human, and community resources


Appendix A - Agency Planning Process and Timetable

Appendix B - Agency Organization Chart

Appendix C - Five-Year Projections for Outcomes

Appendix D - Measure Definitions [181K]

Appendix E - Report on Customer Service, Compact with Texans,and Customer-related Performance Measures

Appendix F - Survey of Organizational Excellence Results

Appendix G - Information Resources Strategic Plan Goals, Objectives, and Strategies [113K]

  • Information Resources Policies and Practices
  • Agency Platforms and Systems
  • Agency Databases
  • Agency Applications
  • Interagency Data Needs

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