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Where do we get the materials?

Each of our recommended books has available study guides. It is up to the library/organization to decide which resources fit its needs. Please see our resource guide for links to additional resources.

How did you choose the books?

We polled authors, educators, book lovers, and librarians. Each book was reviewed with the goal of providing selections that were critically acclaimed and offered diverse opportunities to open the discussion of “recovery” (i.e. a work of fiction, a nonfiction book, a book of essays, and a picture book). Of course, there are many other books that might be a better fit for your community. We tried to find four titles that could potentially catalyze the discussion within the unique pockets of Texas. Please see our supplemental book list for other worthy titles. If you have a suggested title for this list, please email tcfb@tsl.texas.gov.

Where do we register? Why? Can we see what libraries around the state are participating?

Please use this link to register for Read Across Texas. Once we receive your registration, we will put your organization on the Google map. This way, people can see your programs, and community members may easily connect with their local, participating organizations.

We hope libraries will register their participation for the good of the program. Each library or organization that registers will be entered to win a $100 BookPeople gift card.

Yes, please register your program to be included on the Google map showing participant locations.

Do we have to use the recommended books?

With so many great resources, please do not feel limited by our list: creativity is encouraged! Please use the best resources, selections, films, etc. that fit you and your community.

Will there be books given away?

This year, we have three out of our four suggested titles available in e-book format from May 3 - June 28, 2021. Read more on the e-books page.

We encourage libraries to register and utilize the resources available at any time. The Read Across Texas page will stay up to support programming.

I want to donate to this cause.

All donations and support for the Texas Center for the Book and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission may be directed to the Texas Library and Archives Foundation, Inc. Please visit their site at www.txlaf.org, and mark your donation as “Read Across Texas.”

Are the books suitable for children? Do you have suggested reads for schools, families, and libraries that would like to have discussions with children?

This year we chose a picture book to be one of our suggested reads. The other three titles might be suitable for teens. We recommend reading those titles first before using them in a program for your teens.

Additionally, we have this list of supplemental titles with some age appropriate books. As with our other selected titles, there are many excellent titles that are not listed. If you have a suggested title for this list, please email tcfb@tsl.texas.gov

I am an individual that wants to participate.

Excellent. Please check out the Google map and reach out to your local library and see if they have anything planned. Additionally, feel free to read the books with friends and use the discussion guide questions on our resource page. Also, please join us for our May 18 event.

Are the resources still available from the other Read Across Texas Programs?

Yes. The resources are evergreen, and they are available.

The Veteran Experience: www.tsl.texas.gov/readacrosstexas/veteranexperience

Know Your Neighbor: Know Cultivating Communities of Compassion: www.tsl.texas.gov/readacrosstexas/knowyourneighbor


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Page last modified: May 13, 2021