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Suggested steps for Read Across Texas: Recovery

Plan out your program: Talk with others in your library or organization about participation ideas (book, timeline for implementation, etc.). What book(s) do you want to select? What kind of program or discussion do you want to convene?

Find a community partner: Might there be a nonprofit or organization in your community that would connect with the book you choose? Could their mission align with the conversation you hope to have? You do not have to have a partner but doing so creates the opportunity for future dialogue and community impact.

Collaborate with your partner to solidify program: Are you going to have a book discussion? Read a portion of the book or show a related film and then have a talk? It’s up to you. Creativity is encouraged. The “recovery” conversation may mean different approaches in each community.

Consider inviting the author for an online book discussion: Keep in mind, the logistics and commitment for an author program is between the organization and the library. You may reach out to see if the timing, budget (if any) and commitment work for you and the author. Two of our authors are willing to discuss possible, virtual guest appearances.

For Chris Barton, visit his website: https://chrisbarton.info/visits.html
For Nancy Wayson Dinan, email her publisher: grace.mcnamee@bloomsbury.com

Join us for our online author panel with Chris Barton and Nancy Wayson Dinan on May 19, 2021. Please see the 2021 Read Across Texas Author Event page for the details. Register for the author event program.

After the program: Organizations are encouraged to collaborate with partners and offer related civic and community engagement opportunities after scheduled programming. We hope the experience provides you with a means to connect with local allies to collaborate on how the “recovery” theme might work in your community.

Access the E-Books: Access to the e-book versions of We Fed an Island, All of a Sudden and Forever, and Things You Would Know if You Grew Up Around Here are available to all Texas residents from May 3, 2021, through June 25, 2021. Read more details on the access.

If you have questions regarding access, please contact Karen McElfresh, Resource Sharing Projects Coordinator, at kmcelfresh@tsl.texas.gov.

Register on our website: Let your community and the state know you will be participating in Read Across Texas. See who else is involved and find ideas for participating. 


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Page last modified: May 13, 2021