Spring 1995

We are very pleased to present to you the
"Read to Your Bunny" campaign!

The idea for this packet of materials was first brought to our attention during the 1994 American Library Association Conference in Miami. Rosemary Wells, the creative force behind the endeavor, originally designed the poster for display in pediatricians' offices. She felt that perhaps parents would listen to their children's doctors -- and that the call for regular read aloud sessions would finally be heard and heeded.

Ms. Wells graciously extended the right to reproduce the poster to librarians in their outreach efforts. The Community Literacy Committee of the Children's Round Table, Texas Library Association, in conjunction with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, saw this as an opportunity for librarians in Texas!

On this web site, you will find images from the "Read to Your Bunny" poster as well as images and text from the "Read to Your Bunny" manual. The images are designed for you to reproduce, after adding the name and address of your local library.

The Community Literacy Committee hopes to continue to provide you with materials and information that will help you bring books to everyone in your library's service area. Please email us with your comments and ideas. Future projects will be enhanced by your thoughtful response to this project.

We hope you enjoy the materials -- and that parents across Texas will soon be reading to their bunnies on a regular basis!


  • Meredith McMannis, co-chair
  • Suzan Nyfeler, co-chair
  • Susan Allison
  • Viki Ash-Geisler
  • Claudia Cooper
  • Deborah Dudash
  • Martha Edmundson
  • Amanda Williams
  • Molly Krukewitt
  • Jeanette Larson
  • Barbara Silverman
  • Dona Weisman

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Five Points on Reading from Rosemary Wells


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