• (I) Infant
  • (T) Toddler
  • (P) Preschooler

Tired Bunnies (I)

"Come my bunnies, it's time for bed."
That's what Mother Bunny said.
"But first I'll count you just to see,
If you have all come back to me.
Bunny 1, Bunny 2, Bunny 3, oh dear,
Bunny 4, Bunny 5, yes, you're all here.
You're the sweetest things alive.
My bunnies 1, 2, 3, 4, 5."

(Use rhyme to count baby's fingers and toes.)

Chubby Little Snowman (I)

A chubby little snowman had a carrot nose.
Along came a bunny and what do you suppose?
That hungry little bunny, looking for his lunch
Ate that snowman's carrot nose, Nibble, nibble, CRUNCH!

(Tickle baby's nose as you say verse.)

Little Brown Rabbit Popped Out of the Ground (T)

A little brown rabbit popped out of the ground,
(Make fist with right hand. Open fist on word "popped.")
Wriggled his whiskers and looked around.
(Wriggle fingers.)
Another wee rabbit who lived in the grass
(Make fist with left hand.)
Popped his head out and watched him pass.
(Open left hand.)
Then both the wee rabbits went hoppity hop,
(Make fists with both hands. Hop them up and down.)
Hoppity, hoppity, hoppity hop,
(Continue to hop fists up and down.)
Till they came to a wall and had to stop.
(Stop hopping hands.)
Then both the wee rabbits turned themselves 'round,
(Twist hands at wrists.)
And scuttled off home to their holes in the ground.
(Run hands quickly behind back.)

Little Bunny (T)

There was a little bunny who lived in the wood,
He wiggled his ears as a good bunny should.
He hopped by a squirrel, He hopped by a tree.
He hopped by a duck, And he hopped by me.
He stared at the squirrel. He stared at the tree.
He stared at the duck. But he made faces at me!

A Fat Bunny (P)

A Fat Bunny rabbit with ears so tall,
And two pink eyes about this small,
Went hop, hop, hopping to get some lunch.
He found a fresh carrot, O yum-yum, crunch-crunch!
While he was eating and having such fun,
Bang! What a noise! He started to run.
All you could see as he went racing by,
Was his powder puff tail - waving good-bye.

Five Little Bunnies (P)

Five little bunnies standing by the door,
One hopped away, and then there were four.
Four little bunnies sitting near a tree,
One hopped away, and then there were three.
Three little bunnies looking at you,
One hopped away and then there were two.
Two little bunnies enjoying the sun,
One hopped away, and then there was one.
One little bunny sitting all alone,
He hopped away, and then there were none!

(Hold up open hand and bend down one finger with each verse.)

The Rabbit (P)

I saw a little rabbit come Hop, hop, hop!
I saw his two long ears go Flop, flop, flop!
I saw his little nose go Twink, twink, twink.
I saw his little eyes go Wink, wink, wink.
I said, "Little Rabbit, Won't you stay?"
Then he looked at me, And hopped away.

(For Toddler version use blink for eyes instead of wink.)

Here is a Bunny (T)

Here is a bunny
(Make fist with two fingers up straight.)
With his ears so funny.
Here is his hole
(Circle fingers and thumb of other hand.)
In the ground.
When a noise he hears,
(Rotate rabbit as if hearing noise.)
He pricks up his ears,
And jumps in his hole
(Jump rabbit ears into hole.)
In the ground.

More fingerplays and rhymes are available at the library for you to share with your bunny.

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