Why read aloud?

  • It's fun and enjoyable for everyone. . . it helps create a special bond.
  • Children learn to read as they listen and look at books.

Where to start?

  • Start at the library. Your library has it all! Books. . .Recordings. . .Videos.
  • No matter what your reading interest, ask at the library.
  • Share books you like.

How to read aloud?

  • Let your voice get soft and loud. Change the pace of your reading. . .slow or fast.
  • Turn off the television, radio or stereo.
  • Let your child have fun with the book. Encourage the child to point out pictures, ask questions or repeat words.

And remember, spending just 20 minutes a day reading to "your bunny" puts your child a hop ahead when it is time for school!

Adapted with permission from a brochure produced by the American Library Association.

Prepared by the Texas Library Association Children's Round Table and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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