• Read a newspaper story you are reading. It's the sounds that are important.
  • Introduce simple pictures and stories as the baby grows. Shapes, colors and sounds will delight.
  • Visit the library often. Let the children get their own library cards and select their own books.
  • Make a special time for reading aloud: after dinner, before bed . . . anytime, anywhere, anyplace.
  • Try lots of books. There's a book for everyone.
  • Read more about people, places and things you see on television.
  • Have older children read aloud while you do household chores.
  • Keep plenty of reading materials around the house. Put children's books on low shelves.
  • Let children see you read. Talk about what you read.
  • Give books as gifts. Let children know you think books are special, and reading is important.

Tips for Reading Together

  • Be Enthusiastic!
  • Let your buddy know you enjoy reading aloud to them. Smile!
  • Read the Title Page
  • Read the author’s name and illustrator’s name along with the title. They’re an important part of the book! Sometimes there are illustrations from the story on the title page.
  • Read with Expression
  • Imagine you are telling the story and becoming the characters when you read.
  • Practice Reading Aloud at Home
  • The more you read, the better you’ll be at it! Practice on your mom, dad, grandparents, brothers and sisters, or by yourself. If you can, read the book you’ve chosen ahead of time so you’ll be familiar with the words and story when you read to your buddy

When Your Buddy Reads To You:

Help Them Sound out Hard Words by pronouncing them one syllable at a time. Don’t read it for them--coach them along. Sometimes it helps to point out what story the pictures are telling.

Encourage Them by paying attention and listening quietly while they read. When they’re done, tell them how well they did. Helping them feel good about themselves will give them the confidence to become a better reader!

Praise Them - Let them know they’re doing well. Use phrases like, "That’s the way to read!" "Good job!" "I knew you could do it!" "I really enjoyed that!"

Keep Reading! The more you read, the better you’ll be at it.


Prepared by the Texas Library Association Children's Round Table and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission

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