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Welcome to the electronic disposal list service for Texas federal depository librarians. The goal of this program is to replace the paper-based discard system with an electronic system. This procedure will enable all participating Texas federal depository libraries to streamline their disposal process.

Turnaround time from submission of list to discard date has been shortened, and there have been significant cost savings in supplies and manpower. You may examine the disposal lists online or print out selected lists for further review.

We welcome your participation. Questions or comments may be directed to your regional depository librarian.

Region I, Tom Rohrig, Texas Tech University, tom.rohrig@ttu.edu

Region II, Sue Troyan, Texas State Library and Archives Commission, stroyan@tsl.texas.gov (512-463-5455)

Formatting Disposal Lists

Text should be formatted for an 80 character line and must be saved in an ascii format.

Suggested column placement, arrangement and information for lists:

  • Name of Institution
  • List #
  • Format of items listed
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Contact person
  • Email address for above
  • Special notes; e.g., postage requested, mailing labels, etc.
Class # Title Year
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How Disposal Dates Are Assigned

Disposal dates are assigned to lists as they are submitted to the Regional Depository. These tell selectives when the listed materials may be discarded from their collections. The date is officially conveyed to the libraries in a notification letter.

Since December 1, 1994, disposal dates have been assigned based on date of receipt. Lists received by the 15th of the month are assigned a disposal date of the last day of the following month; e.g., lists received by December 15 would have a disposal date of January 31. The disposal date is officially assigned in a letter of notification. Libraries who have not received confirmation of a disposal date within 10 days of submission should contact their Regional for further information.

Page last modified: August 30, 2011