64th R.S.

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64th R.S.
Committee on State Affairs
64th Leg., Senate State Affairs Com. Tape 3 3/5/75 SB42, 23, 91 16 Original side A as printed on Tape label was acciudentally recorded over except for at the end which leaves the original recording prior to recess. Testimony erased was Mengden's and 2 county judges. See extra tape of Mengden's written speech and tape made from phone from county judges. Side B has been crossed out and is remarked A; Side A marked out and remarked B--this side B still has recording, at the end, of hearing prior to the recess.
A 7 PM - Start 3 SB 42, 23, 91 64th Leg., Senate State Affairs Com
SB 42, SB 23, SB 91