65th R.S.

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65th R.S.
Senate Session 5/30/77 Tape 1 Tape 1 (a.m.) 65th Session 5-30-77 Side 1 Con.Cmte-SB182 (adopted) Con.Cmte-HB3141 (adopted) Con.Cmte-HB1235 (adopted) SB152-adjust differences/do pass on part of House SB157-do pass on part of House ConCmteRpt/HouseConcur Res.52=HCR52 House Amend ??50 House Amend to SB222/passed House Amend to SB773/passed House Amend to SB1094/passed House Amend to SB143 ? House Amend to SB123 ? House Amend to SB65/passed House Amend to SB133/passed Motions/SB143/ConfCmte ConferenceCmte/SB366/adj diff-/do pass House Amend to SB788/appoint ConferCmte on SB788/motion not to concur prevails House Amend SB91-motion to concur prevails End side 1 side 2 House Amend SB952-motion to concur prevails House Amend SB1260 - voice vote - motion to concur prevails House Amend to SB866/record vote-motion to concur prevails House Amend to SB866-record vote/concur prevails Senate Con Res 117 - A.J.Foyett-adopted Senator/Brazos moved to suspend posting rule on House Con.Res. 31 - prevailed House Amend to SB957/motion to concur prevails House Amend to SB233 motion to concur prevails
186 I Senate Session - Morning 5-30-77 SB 6501 Tape 1
SB 182, HB 3141, HB 1235, SB 152, SB 157, HCR 52, SB 222, SB 773, SB 1094, SB 143, SB 123, SB 65, SB 133, SB 143, SB 366, SB 788, SB 91