71st R.S.

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71st R.S.
Nominations Committee
71st Nominations Lt. Gov. 1:30pm 2/21/89 Tape 1 Sides 1 & 2 Side 1 Dr. Carl Westbrook Board of Aging reported out State Bar of Texas Dr. Joseph Benicke & Earl Wm. Champman Gulf Coast Waste Disp Auth Dr. Chas La Duelas (over) Kathleen M. Vaughn Tex Motor Vehicle Comm Wm. Collins Side 2 Tex. Motor Vehicle Comm WM. Collins cont Tex. Housing Agency Margie L. Bingham Edmond Carrera Recessed
Nominations 71st Lt. Gov. 1:30pm Tape 1 Side 1 2/21/89
Dr. Carl Westbrook, Board of Aging, State Bar of Texas, Dr. Joseph Benicke, Earl Wm. Champman, Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority, Dr. Chas La Duelas, Kathleen M. Vaughn, Texas Motor Vehicle Commission, Wm. Collins