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Introduction to the Texas Senate Recordings

The Texas Senate began to systematically record committee hearings and floor debates during the 4th Called Session (C.S.) of the 62nd Legislature (1972) and continues to the present day. Recordings from the 62nd 4th C.S. (1972) to the 79th (2006) are available through the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Selected recordings from the 76th Legislature (1999) to present are available through Senate Staff Services.

The Texas Senate Recordings database includes digitized audio recordings that represent approximately 25,000 original cassette tapes. The original recordings were created by and received from Senate Staff Services. The focus of the collection is Texas Senate public committee hearings and floor debates. Some recordings also include press conferences, impeachment hearings, and joint meetings with House committees. In the interest of preservation, the original cassette tapes are no longer available for public access.

The preparation and digitization of this collection for online public access was funded in full or in part with a Library Services and Technology Act (20 U.S.C. § 9121) grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Restrictions on Use

Use of these items is not restricted by copyright and/or related rights. However, in one or more jurisdictions, laws other than copyright are known to impose restrictions on the use of these items. The use of legislatively produced audio or visual materials in political advertising is prohibited (Texas Government Code, Section 306.005). In addition, commercial use of legislatively produced audio or visual material is limited (Texas Government Code, Section 306.006). Unless expressly stated otherwise, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission makes no warranties about the item and cannot guarantee the accuracy of this rights statement. You are responsible for your own use. Please contact the Texas State Library and Archives Commission for more information. You may need to obtain other permissions for your intended use. For example, other rights such as publicity, privacy or moral rights may limit how you may use the material.

How to Search the Database

The Texas Senate Recordings database can be searched by legislative session, keyword, or browsed as an entire collection. Result lists are arranged by floor debate first, then by committee. Within each floor or committee session, recordings are arranged chronologically by meeting date. The results can be sorted by session or chronologically by meeting date by clicking on the corresponding heading at the top of the column list.

  • Browse Sessions:

This page features a full list of legislative sessions that fall within the range of the recordings, with sessions separated into Regular Session (R.S.), Called Session (C.S.), or Interim Charges. Results will be arranged numerically by recording number.  

Note: Interim charges will be listed chronologically. Results can also be sorted by session, committee or date by selecting the appropriate heading.

  • Keyword Search:

Enter keyword(s) into the search box. Keywords can include the bill number, date, committee name, description, or subject. Results will be arranged chronologically. Browse through search results or sort by session, committee or date by selecting the appropriate heading.

Note: Keyword results are dependent on the original descriptions provided by Senate staff services and may not include all instances of the keyword in the actual recording. Patrons may wish to consult the Legislative Reference Library’s website for further search resources.

  • Filtered Browse:

Browse the entire collection and use the filter options located to the right of the page to narrow results. Filter options include session, committee, date, and subject. Initial filter options can be expanded by selecting the “Show more” button. If necessary, multiple filters can be added to further refine the results. Once added, filters by committee, date, and subject can be removed by clicking on the ‘(-)’ symbol to the left of the selected filter. The subject and date filters are most effective when a session or committee filter has already been added, due to the impossibility of listing the full range of each with the unfiltered list of recordings.

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