Recording Session Committee Description Subjects Date
711339b 71st R.S. Nominations Committee 71st Nominations Lt. Gov. 1:30pm 2/21/89 Tape 1 Sides 1 & 2 Side 1 Dr. Carl Westbrook Board of Aging reported out State Bar of Texas Dr. Joseph Benicke & Earl Wm. Champman Gulf Coast Waste Disp Auth Dr. Chas La Duelas (over) Kathleen M. Vaughn Tex Motor Vehicle Comm Wm. Collins Side 2 Tex. Motor Vehicle Comm WM. Collins cont Tex. Housing Agency Margie L. Bingham Edmond Carrera Recessed
Nominations 71st Lt. Gov. 1:30pm Tape 1 Side 2 2/21/89
Texas Motor Vehicle Commission, Wm. Collins, Texas Housing Agency, Margie L. Bingham, Edmond Carrera 2/21/1989