Recording Session Committee Description Subjects Date
650478b 65th R.S. Finance Committee Finance 4/5/77 Tape 2 75 side 1 4/5/77 2:00 SB211 by Aikin (Mark-up - Article 3) Animal Health Comm (cont) Parks and Wildlife Dept. Water Development Bd. Water Quality Board Water Rights Comm. Water Well Drillers Bd Soil & Water Conservation Gen Land Off. & Veterans Land Bd. side 2 SB211 - Mark-up (cont) Comptroller of Public Accts General Land Office (cont) Dept of Banking Secretary of State (cont)
B SB 211 by Aikin (Mark Up - Article 3)
Mark-up, SB 211, Aikin, Comptroller of Public Accounts, General Land Office, Department of Banking, Secretary of State 4/5/1977