Recording Session Committeesort descending Description Subjects Date
711413a 71st 4th C.S. Nominations Committee 71st Nominations Cmte Lt. Gov. Cmte Rm 9am 4/3/90 Tape 1 Sides 1 & 2 Side 1 Shelby Carter Kenneth McReady Mike Baggett Mary Beth Halliamora Brd of Aviation Gen. Baxter Mr. Charles Nash Mrs. [illegible] Randolph-Roberts Mr. Wilkens H.B. 94 created [illegible] continued questioning of appointees
71st 3rd Called Nominations Cmte Lt. Gov. Cmte Rm 9:00am Tape 1 Side 1 4-3-90
Shelby Carter, Kenneth McReady, Mike Baggett, Mary Beth Halliamora, Board of Aviation, Gen. Baxter, Mr. Charles Nash, Mrs. [illegible], Randolph Roberts, Mr. Wilkens, HB 94 4/3/1990