Recording Session Committee Description Subjects Datesort descending
780427a 78th Interim Charges Committee on Business and Commerce, House Committee on Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance Legislative Oversight Committee 78th Sen. Business & Commerce Committee Jt. B/C & H. INS Prop Casual INS Oversight E1.030 Tape 1 of 2 Side 1 & 2 10/25/04 10:14am
78th Sen Business & Commerce Committee E1.030 Tape 1 of 2 Side 1 10/25/04 10:14am, Update on SB 14, Sen. Jackson opending comments, Jose Montemayor, SB 310, Sen Van de Putte
SB 14, Mike Jackson, Jose Montemayor, SB 310, Leticia Van de Putte 10/25/2004