Recording Session Committee Description Subjects Datesort descending
721271a 72nd R.S. Nominations Committee 72nd Nominations Committee 5/16/91 Tape 1 of 1 Sides 1 & 2, 9am Side 1 1) Interior Commissioner of Education 2) Department of Info Resources 3) Tx Housing Agency Board of Directors 4) Tx. Commission on Jail Standards Side 2 4) Tx. Commission on Jail Standards cont. 5) Tx. Alcoholid Bev. Comm* all nominees favorable reported except TABC REcess *(see 5-17-91)
72nd Nominations Comte 9:00am 5-16-91 Tape 1 of 1, Side 1
Interior Commissioner of Education, Department of Info Resources, Texas Housing Agency Board of Directors, Texas Commission on Jail Standards 5/16/1991