Recording Session Committee Description Subjects Datesort descending
711352b 71st R.S. Nominations Committee Senate Nominations Committee Senate Chamber 9am 3/28/89 Tape 1 Side 1 & 2 Side 1 Tex Tech Board - Regents E. Tex State Brd Regents Stephen F Austin Brd Regents Tex Brd of Health Side 2 Tex Brd of Health (cont) (Recess 5 min) Parks & Wildlife Comm- Chuck Nash Vote on Health Brd; Regents; School Land Board; Other non testifying appointees- (Stand in Recess sub. to arrival of Health appointees) St. Brd of Health (con't) Vote Recess
Senate Nomination Committee 9:00am Senate Chamber 3-28-89 Tape 1 Side 2
Texas Board of Health, Parks & Wildlife Commission, Chuck Nash, Health Board, Regents, School Land Board, State Board of Health 3/28/1989