Recording Sessionsort descending Committee Description Subjects Date
710850b 71st R.S. Finance Committee, Subcommittee on Regulatory 71st Finance: Subcomm Regulatory Rm 301 9am Tape 1 Side 1 & 2, 2/28/89 Side 1 Brd of Land Surveying Brd of Chiropractic Exam Brd. Medical Examiners Motor Vehicle Comm. Side 2 Motor Vehicle (cont) Brd Nurse Examiners Brd. Voc. Nurse Exam.
Finance: Subcomm on Regulatory 71st 301 9am Tape 1 Side 2 2/28/89
Motor Vehicle Commission, Board of Nurse Examiners, Board of Vocational Nurse Examiners 2/28/1989