Recording Sessionsort descending Committee Description Subjects Date
640388a 64th R.S. Finance Committee 21 Finance 2/5/75 Budget Hearing Tape 4
a 2-5-75 Senate Finance Comm. 1) Civil Air Patrol 2) State - Federal Relations
Budgets, Civil Air Patrol, State-Federal Relations 2/5/1975
640420a 64th R.S. Finance Committee 50 Finance 3/5/75 Budget Hearings Tape 3
3 3-5-75 Senate Finance Comm. Moody College Texas Engineering Wednesday
Budgets, Moody College, Texas Engineering 3/5/1975
650429a 65th R.S. Finance Committee Finance 2/15/77 SB59, 110 Veterans Affairs Commission 9:30 am 29 2-15-77 side 1 Veterans Affairs Comm. SB59 by Mengden SB110 by Mengden
Finance 2-15-77 Veteran Affairs Dup SB 59 - Mengden SB 110- Mengden Side A
Budgets, Veteran Affairs, SB 59, Mengden, SB 110 2/15/1977
650461a 65th R.S. Finance Committee Finance Budget Hearings 3/16/77 58 side 1 3/16/77 2:00 University of Houston - Multi-Campus Univ. of Houston Univ. of Houston at Clear Lake City Univ. of Houston Downtown Univ. of Houston Victoria Center side 2 University of Houston Multi-Campus (cont)
58 A 3/16/77 University Houston - Multiple Campus
Budgets, University of Houston, Univeristy of Houston at Clear Lake City, University of Houston Downtown, University of Houston Victoria Center 3/16/1977
660398b 66th R.S. Finance Committee Finance 26 1/31/79 Tape 3 of 3 2:00 p.m. adjutant General's Comm. Budgets, Adjutant General's Commission 1/31/1979
640394b 64th R.S. Finance Committee 27 Finance 2/11/75 2/12/75 Budget Hearings Tape 3
2-12-75 9:00 Wednesday Senate Finance Comm Commission for the Deaf
Budgets, Commission for the Deaf 2/11/1975
640652b 64th Interim Charges Natural Resources Committee 64th Leg., INTERIM Natural Res. Com. Interim 9/3/75 Budget Meeting 1 Budgets 9/3/1975
650435b 65th R.S. Finance Committee Finance Budget Hearings 2/17/77 SB193, 219 32 Finance Comm. Side 1 2-17-77 Comptroller of Public Accounts SB193 by Schwartz SB219 by Schwartz side 2 SB193 by Schwartz (cont)
B (cont) SB 193 by Schwartz
Budgets, SB 193, Schwartz 2/17/1977
650467b 65th R.S. Finance Committee Finance Budget Hearings 3/23/77 tape 1 64 side 1 3/23/77 2:00 SB211 by Aikin (Judiciary)(exempt salaries) side 2 SB211 by Aikin (Judiciary cont) (exempt salaries)
B 3/23/77 SB 211 by Aikin
Budgets, SB 211, Aikin, Judiciary, exempt salaries 3/23/1977
660429a 66th R.S. Finance Committee 57 Finance 2/26/79 Tape 2 430 2 of 2 Dept. of Human Resources, Board of Control
Finance 2/26/79 Tape-2 Side-3 57
Budgets, Department of Human Resources, Board of Control 2/26/1979
640189a 64th R.S. Committee on Administration 3 Administration 2/12/75 SCR17, HCR27, Budgets
Administration Comm. SCR 17 HCR 27 Budgets
SCR 17, HCR 27, Budgets 2/12/1975
640401a 64th R.S. Finance Committee 34 Finance 2/18/75 Budget Hearings Tape 3
1 2-18-75 Senate Finance Comm. Angelo State University 2:00 Tape 3
Budgets, Angelo State University 2/18/1975
650410a 65th R.S. Finance Committee Finance 1/26/77 Chiropractic Examiners continued 7
1-26-77 Senate Finance Chiropractic Examiners Vocational Nurse Examiners Physical Therapy (cont-over)
Budgets, Chiropractic Examiners, Vocational Nurse Examiners, Physical Therapy 1/26/1977
650442a 65th R.S. Finance Committee Finance Budget Hearings 2/24/77 SB572, 426, 659 See File Cards 39 side 1 2-24-77 9:30 Prairie View A&M University Tarleton State University SB572 by Aikin Moody College of Marine Sciences and Maritime Resources side 2 SB426 by Longoria SB659 by Adams & Aikin
39 2-24-77 Prarie View A+M University Tarleton State University SB 572 by Aikin Moody College of Marine Sciences + Mari Resource A 2-24-77 Senate Finance
Budgets, Prarie View A+M University, Tarleton State University, SB 572, Aikin, Moody College of Marine Sciences and Maritime Resources 2/24/1977
660379b 66th R.S. Finance Committee 7 Finance Committee 1/22/79 tape 1 of 3 3901 Industrial Accident Board; St. Board of Barber Examiners; St. Board of Dental Examiners (con.) 2. St. Board of Dental Examiners; Board of Examiners of Psychologists; Commission on Jail Standards (con.)
Finanace 1-22-79 7 Budget Hearings Side 2 Tape NO. 1
Budgets, State Board of Dental Examiners, Board of Examiners of Psychologists, Commission on Jail Standards 1/22/1979
660445a 66th R.S. Finance Committee 72 Finance Comm. A.m. 3/27/79 1 Tape 445 Side 1 Animal Health Comm.
Finance 3-27-79 AM Tape 1 Side 1 72
Budgets, Animal Health Commission 3/27/1979
640374b 64th R.S. Finance Committee Tape 1 7 Finance 1/27/75 Budget Hearings - Sides 1 & 2
4. Natl. Guard Armory 5. Texas Aeronautics Comm.
Budgets, National Guard Armory, Texas Aeronautics Commission 1/27/1975
640407b 64th R.S. Finance Committee 40 Finance 2/25/75 Budget Hearings Tape 2 Budgets 2/25/1975
650416b 65th R.S. Finance Committee Finance Budget Hearings 2/1/77 see file cards 13
2-1-77 Board of Examiners of Psychologists (cont) Texas Commission for the Deaf
Budgets, Board of Examiners of Psychologists, Texas Commission for the Deaf 2/1/1977
650448b 65th R.S. Finance Committee Finance Budget Hearings 3/2/77 see file cards 45 side 1 3/2/77 2:00 Texas A&I University at Laredo (cont) Texas A&I University at Kingsville East Texas State Univ. Side 2 East Texas State Univ. (cont) East Texas State Univ. at Texarkana
B 3/2/77 East Texas (cont) East Texas State Univ. - Texarkana
Budgets, East Texas State University at Texarkana 3/2/1977
660386a 66th R.S. Finance Committee 14 Finance 1/24/79 Budget Hearings a.m. Tape 1 of 1 Side 1 Texas Dept of Labor + Standards Bd. Of Tax Assessor Examiners Aide 2 Bd of Tax Assessor Examiners (contd) Recessed till 2:00 p.m. 1-24-79
Finance Committee 1/24/79 Budget Hearings 14 Tape 1 Side 1
Budgets, Texas Department of Labor and Standards, Board Of Tax Assessor Examiners 1/24/1979
660463a 66th R.S. Finance Committee 92 Finance Comm. 4/12/79 Tape 1 of 3 464 Tx. A&M Tx. A&M Systems U.T. Med Branch at Galveston U.T. Med. School at Houston U.T. Health Cntr. At San Antonio Tx Texh Univ. School Med Moody College Tx. Agr. Experiment Station
Finance 4-12-79 Tape 1 Side 1
Budgets, Texas A&M University, Tx. A&M Systems, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, University of Texas Medical School at Houston, University of Texas Health Center At San Antonio, Texas Tech University Med School, Moody College, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station 4/12/1979
640382a 64th R.S. Finance Committee 15 Finance 2/3/75 and 2/4/75 Budget H. Tape 3
1 Senate Finance Com. Feb 3, 1975 Monday Alcoholic Beverage Comm Offshore Terminal Comm Tape 3
Budgets, Alcoholic Beverage Commission, Offshore Terminal Commission 2/3/1975
640414a 64th R.S. Finance Committee (?) Finance 3/3/75 Budget Hearing
2 3-3-75 Senate Finance Comm. U.T. Finishing Up Monday
Budgets, University of Texas System 3/3/1975
650423a 65th R.S. Finance Committee Finance Budget Hearings 2/8/77 SB458 and see file card 20
2-8-77 General Land Off. And Veterans' Land Board Civil Air Patrol Commission
Budgets, General Land Office, Veterans' Land Board, Civil Air Patrol Commission 2/8/1977