Recordingsort descending Session Committee Description Subjects Date
711337a 71st R.S. Nominations Committee Senate Nominations Cmte Senate Chamber 9am 2/21/89 Tape 1 Sides 1 & 2 UT Board TR Side 1 Tex Water Comm- Buck Wynne: State Property Tax Board Geo. Babbit, Marrin Jam & Arthur White R. Brent Keese - confirmed UT Board of Regents Dr. Mario Ramirez Side 2 TR UT Board of REgents- Dr. Ramirez = con't Tex Comm on Drug and Alchohol Abuse C. Cowder Jerry Deer, Randall Schmidt Public Safety Comm- Albert Alkeck
Senate Nominations Cmte. 9:00AM Senate Chamber 2-21-89 Tape 1 Side 1 TR UT Board
Texas Water Commission, Buck Wynne, State Property Tax Board, Geo. Babbit, Marrin Jam, Arthur White, R. Brent Keese, UT Board of Regents, Dr. Mario Ramirez 2/21/1989