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711372a 71st R.S. Nominations Committee 71st Nominations Sergeant's 9am 4/20/89 Tape 1 Side 1 & 2 Side 1 1. Rio Grande Valley Water Authority 2. Rio Grande Valley Pollution Control Authority 3. Public Council Div. of Consumer Protection 4. On-site Wastewater Treat. Side 2 1. On-site Wastewater Treat (con't) 3. Evergreen Underground Water Cons. (vote only) 4. Marine Fisheries Comm (vote only) 5. Tx Air Control Board.
Nominations 71st Sergeant's 4/20/89 Tape 1, Side 1 9am
Rio Grande Valley Water Authority, Rio Grande Valley Pollution Control Authority, Public Council Division of Consumer Protection, On-site Wastewater Treatment 4/20/1989