If you require further assistance using this database or have additional questions or comments, please contact our Reference Desk at reference.desk@tsl.texas.gov or by phone at 512-463-5455.

Q. How can I play the audio files in my webpage browser?

A. After selecting a legislative session, you must select a recording number from the list provided. The individual audio files can then be played from the results page by clicking on the play button in the “Play Recording” box.

Q. Why can’t I play the audio files in my webpage browser?

A. All audio files are provided in the mp3 audio format. While current web browsers and operating systems support this format, an older operating system and/or web browser may require an update or plug-in to play the mp3 file. Please update your browser to the most recent browser available for your operating system. If that fails to remedy the problem, try another browser program or try downloading the files.

Q. How can I download audio files?

A. Audio files may be downloaded from individual result pages by clicking on the file number link displayed under the Download Recording heading. If that doesn’t work, try right-clicking on the link and selecting the “Save Target As…”, “Save Link As…”, or “Save Link Target As…” option.

Q. The audio file appears to be playing, but I can’t hear the recording.

A. Many recordings have several seconds of silence at the beginning. You may try skipping ahead by clicking on the “timeline” found just to the right of the play button on the results page. Keep in mind that since these recordings came from audio cassettes, there may be long portions of silence where the recording had ended well before the end of the physical tape.

 If no sound can be heard whatsoever, be sure your headphones or speakers are plugged in and/or turned on. If that doesn’t help, check your computer’s control panel/preference settings to be sure the sound is turned up and not muted.

Q. Where can I find more recent Senate floor hearings and debates?

A.  Selected recordings from the 76th Legislature (1999) to present are available through the Senate Staff services’ Senate Audio/Video Archive.

Q. What if I can’t download the audio files? Can a copy of the audio files be sent to me?

A. Contact our Reference Desk at reference.desk@tsl.texas.gov or by phone at 512-463-5455 with the specific audio files you’d like and a librarian will be able to give you more information about how to access the audio files.

Q. Can I still listen to the original cassette tapes when I visit TSLAC?

A. Due to preservation concerns for the original cassette tapes, patrons are no longer able to listen to the tapes.

Q. Are there transcripts available for these recordings?

A. A TR noted at the end of a tape description indicates a transcription was created and is available through Senate Staff Services. Additional transcriptions may have been created since these notes were prepared. Requests for transcripts should be directed to Senate Staff Services.

Page last modified: March 21, 2016