Texas Senate Tapes

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The Texas State Library and Archives Commission is pleased to announce the upcoming digitization of audio cassettes containing Senate public committee hearing and floor debates.

The Texas Senate began the systematic use of audio recordings with the 4th Called Session of the 62nd Legislature (1972) and continued through the 79th Legislature (2006). The collection of almost 25,000 cassettes is a unique and invaluable record of Senate activity.

The digitization project will begin soon and the estimated completion date is August 31, 2013.  While much of the collection will be unavailable during the next five months, every effort will be made to provide digital copies in a timely manner.  Please continue to plan your needs as far in advance as possible.

Effective immediately, audio cassettes from the following legislative sessions are unavailable:
                62nd, 4th Called Session through 66th
                75th through 79th

Previously digitized files from the 62nd, 4th Called Session through the 65th Legislatures are currently available on our Web site at:

The Senate RealMedia Video Archives begins with the 76th session and are available on their Web site.  Links can be found to previous sessions from the Senate Web page at:

We anticipate the remainder of the collection will be unavailable after May 31, 2013.

As always, if you need access to a recording, please contact our Reference Desk at 512-463-5455.  We are committed to providing the highest level of service possible.


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