Texas State Library and Archives Commission

In Recognition of

Peter Rogers

For Dedicated Service to the People of Texas

Signed resolution given to Mr. Rogers (140 KB PDF opens in separate window/tab)

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The Texas State Library and Archives Commission honors mural artist Peter RogersStanding in front of the mural (left to right): Mark Smith, Director and Librarian; F. Lynwood Givens, Commissioner; Wm. Scott McAfee, Commissioner; Peter Rogers; Sandra J. Pickett, Commissioner; Michael C. Waters, Chairman; Sharon T. Carr, Vice Chair; Larry Holt, Commissioner; and, Martha Doty Freeman, Commissioner. August 1, 2014.

WHEREAS, Peter Rogers’ mural painting, Texas Moves Toward Statehood, has graced the lobby of the Lorenzo de Zavala State Archives and Library Building for 50 years, presenting a beautiful and dramatic history of Texas to the thousands of visitors from across the globe who have visited, and transformed a government building into an art museum, raising the stature of the building and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission; and,

WHEREAS, Peter dedicated many months to the study of Texas history, and devoted considerable thought to the mural’s content, recognizing the remarkable history of our great state, investigating paint types and techniques to determine the best composition for a lasting masterpiece, and good naturedly agreeing to suggestions from state officials that included adding a “distant train” and an “early” schoolhouse rather than a specific institution of higher learning; and,

WHEREAS, the first line was drawn on the enormous white space measuring over 45 feet wide and 13 feet tall, on June 15, 1964, with sketching completed by August 12, when Peter sought permission from Gov. John B. Connally to add Mirabeau B. Lamar next to Anson Jones, to better balance the right hand side of the painting; and

WHEREAS, during the three-month creation of the mural, Peter attracted crowds of onlookers visiting each day to watch his work as he stood high above the lobby, climbing up and down the scaffolding to view his work, and through his kindness and gentle nature and his dedication to the project made many friends in Austin and earned the designation bestowed by Gov. Connally as an honorary citizen of Texas; and,

WHEREAS, 50 years later, Peter has traveled this week to Austin to generously share his stories and recollections of how he designed and painted this iconic and beautiful work of art that increases in value with each passing year; now, 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Texas State Library and Archives Commission heartily thanks Peter Rogers for his masterpiece that has endured for 50 years and will endure for generations to come due to his excellent work and care, thanks him for taking the time to make the journey from San Patricio to Austin and wishes him all the best.

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Resolution signatories:

Michael C. Waters, Chairman

Sharon T. Carr, Vice Chair

Martha Doty Freeman

F. Lynwood Givens

Larry G. Holt

Wm. Scott McAfee

Sandra J. Pickett

Mark Smith, Director and Librarian

Edward Seidenberg, Assistant State Librarian

Austin, Texas

July 31, 2014

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