Local Schedules CC, DC, JC, SD

The following local government records retention schedules became open to public comment in the May 7th edition of the Texas Register (35:19):

  • Schedule CC (Records of County Clerks)
  • Schedule DC (Records of District Clerks)
  • Schedule JC (Records of Public Junior Colleges)
  • Schedule SD (Records of Public School Districts)

Click here to view the proposed changes. Current versions of the schedules may be viewed and downloaded at http://www.tsl.texas.gov/slrm/recordspubs/localretention.html.

Written comments on the proposed rules may be submitted to Nanette Pfiester, Program Planning and Research Specialist, P.O. Box 12927, Austin, TX 78711; by fax to (512) 421-7201; or by email to nanette.pfiester@tsl.texas.gov.