The Fast Track to Compliance

Every one of the 10,000+ local governments in Texas is required to file certain compliance paperwork with our agency. All three of these elements must be on file with TSLAC before a local government is authorized to destroy any records.

Below is what we call the “Fast Track to Compliance”: a simplified way for local governments to become compliant with local government records laws.

  1. Submit a Records Management Policy to TSLAC.  Use one of our four policy models as a reference or create your own.  It must be approved by your governing body.  The records management policy should designate the position of the person who will serve as Records Management Officer for your government.
  2. Designate a Records Management Officer (RMO). The easiest way to do this is with form SLR 504. (Elected county officials fill out section 1 only; everyone else, section 2 only). This form tells us the name and contact information of the person you designated as your RMO in Step 1.
  3. Adopt TSLAC Records Retention Schedules.  Review the 12 local schedules published by our agency and select which ones are appropriate to your government. (We can help you decide.) To officially adopt these schedules, submit form SLR 508. It must be signed by the RMO.

Updated 9/27/10 to reflect an update in the SLR 504 form.