New Online Course: Archival Records Basics

We are offering a new FREE online course, Archival Records Basics, for local governments.

This class covers:

Image from the Duke University Archives via Flickr Commons

The Archivist's Life, 23 May 1954. Duke University Archives via Flickr Commons,

  • How to appraise records for historical value;
  • Regulating the storage environment to prevent deterioration;
  • Benefits of digitization and preservation reformatting;
  • Setting up policies and procedures for handling;
  • Establishing security measures for your research area;
  • Connecting researchers to your records;
  • Funding sources for historical records preservation; and
  • Implementing an archives program.

The course takes about 3 hours to complete. Participants receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course that may be used toward the Local Government Archives and Records Administration (LGARA) Certificate.

Our online courses allow you to take our fundamental classes at your own pace and in your own office. Be sure to check out our other online classes for local governments: “Control Schedule Basics,” “Disaster Planning for Government Records,” and “Forms Management.”

To register for online classes, go to

4 thoughts on “New Online Course: Archival Records Basics

  1. I wish to take the Archives records basic course. can you send me more information?


  2. Hi Antonia. You can access the Archival Records Basics course through our online training system at You will have to create an account and enroll in the course. The course is under the “Local Governments” category. If you need help with the online training system, there is a help document here:

    Please feel free to email us at if you have any trouble accessing the course.


  3. I am from the Philippines, working with a state university. I would like to take the Archives basic records course. Can I be accommodated?

  4. Hi Wilma, thanks for your interest in the Archival Records Basics online course. Since you are not a Texas government employee, the support we can offer will be minimal, but we’re happy to help as much as we can. If you do need assistance, there is contact information on the course’s page — send us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

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