Records Management Training Workshops: Let us come to you!

As state and local government budgets continue to shrink, we recognize that for many of you, traveling to Austin to attend TSLAC’s records management training is not currently an option. What if TSLAC were to bring that training to your area instead?

Analysts are available to travel across the state of Texas to provide records management training to state agencies and local governments. Many recent trips have been chronicled in our “On the Road” feature. By partnering with records managers across Texas, we are able to offer 1- or 2-day regional workshops on a variety of relevant records management topics.

What topics are covered in a regional workshop?

The topics covered in our workshops can be tailored to meet your needs. Hosting a workshop enables you to choose the training classes that your area needs the most — managing email, emergency preparedness, an introduction to records management for new elected officials, and several others. Our core classes include presentations and hands-on activities in the following subject areas:

  • Control Schedule Basics (for local governments):

Learn how records control schedules are first developed and then put into use to achieve effective, cost-efficient records management. The class will examine how to use your records control schedule to maintain, purge, and dispose of records and includes examples of typical problems and their solutions.

  • State Records Retention Basics (for state agencies):

Provides an overview of state records laws and current administrative rules. Learn how to develop and use records retention schedules to maintain and dispose of records. The class covers records inventories, records analysis and appraisal, and submitting records retention schedules for approval.

  • Managing Electronic Records:

The application of records management principles to electronic records. Reviews regulations for electronic storage of records and examines program elements for electronic records management. Discusses creation, maintenance and disposition of electronic records.

  • Emergency Preparedness:

Learn how to identify, protect, and ensure access to your essential (“vital”) records, the records necessary to continue operations in the event of an emergency. The course will also cover how to prepare, respond to, and recover from a records emergency.

  • Archival Records Basics:

Learn the basics of protecting records from deterioration and loss through climate control, proper handling, and security, how to appraise records for historical value, how to begin establishing a formal archives program, and where to find funding for preservation and digitization.

  • Forms Management:

Learn the basics of forms management: establishing a forms management program, conducting a forms analysis, forms design standards, creating user-friendly forms, and guidelines for creating electronic forms.

  • Improving Filing Systems:

Types and methods of standard filing systems. Includes guidelines for analyzing effectiveness of a filing system, selecting and developing a new one, and improving filing efficiency.

What does TSLAC provide?

  • Experienced instructors
  • Course materials (slide presentations, class books, exercises, and supplemental materials)
  • Registration and billing services
  • A flyer to be used to advertise the training
  • Announcements on the Texas Record and our TX-RML or TX-RMS list-serv
  • Audiovisual equipment (laptop and projector), if unavailable at the training site

What does TSLAC need from you?

  • Participants from your agency or other local or state agencies: at least 30 participants for a 1-day workshop, or 50 participants for a 2-day workshop
  • Advertising the training to potential participants through word-of-mouth, email, circulating flyers, etc.
  • A training venue with adequate seating and tables/desks for note-taking
  • Projector screen
  • Preferred: Audiovisual equipment (computer, speakers, and projector)
  • Optional: Snacks/beverages for participants

How much would the workshop cost?

The registration fee for each workshop participant is $60 for a one-day workshop or $90 for a two-day workshop. Fees are negotiable if workshop hosts provide printing services (class books should be bound and typically comprise about 100-200 pages, depending on the length of the workshop).

If you are interested in partnering with TSLAC to provide quality records management training in your area, please contact us at (512) 463-7610 or

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  1. I work for a fire department and I am in need of a records management class – can you please provide me with a list of classes in the DFW area? Thank you!

  2. I’m a senior Records Management officer with the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and sports. This ministry keeps all records of the teachers and they are voluminous. Am looking for the opportunity to be trained in how these records can be electronically digitized to serve these teachers better and for decision makers and also to save on the storage space of these records

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