Local Schedules approved at February Commission Meeting

At the February 15th meeting of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, six more local retention schedules were approved by the Commission. Local Schedules EL, GR, HR, PW, TX, and UT were given final approval by the Commission and will be posted soon to the Texas Register for a 20-day viewing period. At the end of the 20-day period, the schedules will become effective and all local governments who have adopted the schedules will be able to use the retention periods in the updated versions.

Four of the schedules (Local Schedules CC, DC, LC, and PS) were not able to be approved due to ongoing concerns over the retention periods for juvenile records. These issues are close to being resolved, and we anticipate these four schedules will be approved at the Commission’s April meeting. We appreciate your patience with the process and look forward to sharing additional information soon.

4 thoughts on “Local Schedules approved at February Commission Meeting

  1. When will the revised schedules that were approved be on the website? Why is the juvenile schedule such a problem? It has been years in the making.

  2. The approved schedules will be posted on our website on the date they become effective. We aren’t sure yet what date that will be because the effective date is dependent on the date the submission is accepted into the Texas Register.

    In regards to the juvenile records, during the public comment period (November 19, 2010 – December 19, 2010) on the Texas Register, we received information that the retention periods proposed were inaccurate. This required more research and the Commission will be reviewing the corrected retention periods at the April meeting.

  3. Will there be an implimentation date for the new changes to the GR, EL, HR, PW & UT schedules or will it be immediate upon publication?

  4. The effective date for those 5 schedules (and Local Schedule TX) will be April 3rd. We will be posting an update on these schedules shortly — as soon as they go into the Texas Register.

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