Digital imaging services for local governments and state agencies

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) and the Council on Competitive Government (CCG) announce a new Digital Imaging Contract giving local governments, state agencies, and local co-ops the ability to image records and to host and manage documents online.  The new contract includes multiple pre-approved vendors who provide services in three categories:

  • Project-based, which are usually large, multi-year projects that may include services such as a needs assessment/analysis or image repository hosting;
  • Flat rate, with consistent, cost-efficient, per-page-basis pricing; and
  • Preservation, for small to large projects involving historical or fragile documents.

You can find information on contract documents, pricing, a user’s guide, a sample Statement of Work, as well as vendor websites and contact information, at the CCG website: If you have questions, please contact Nanette Pfiester, the TSLAC Contract Administrator, at (512) 463-5477 or

For additional information and for the two forms you’ll need to submit to TSLAC to get started with Project-Based or Preservation services, visit Flat-Rate submission forms from each vendor are on the CCG website.

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