Local Schedules CC, DC, LC, PS, SD Approved for Publication in the Texas Register

At the April meeting of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, five local schedules were approved for publication in the Texas Register for public comment. Four of the schedules (Local Schedule CC, Local Schedule DC, Local Schedule LC, and Local Schedule PS) were originally published for public comment on November 19, 2010. Based on the public comments received, significant changes were made to the schedules, requiring republishing in the Texas Register. The fifth schedule, Local Schedule SD, was initially approved last year with an effective date of September 22, 2010, but was revised by the Commission at the April meeting. Although this revision affects only one record series (SD3500-09), it must still be posted for public comment before the change can be made.

The schedules will be published in the Texas Register on April 29th and will remain open for public comment for 30 days. Written comments on the proposed rules may be submitted to Nanette Pfiester, Program Planning and Research Specialist, P.O. Box 12927, Austin, TX 78711; by fax to (512) 421-7201; or by email to¬†nanette.pfiester@tsl.texas.gov. To read about what happens after the 30-day comment period, please see last July’s article on this subject.

We hope to receive final approval of the five schedules this summer at the next scheduled meeting of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. We encourage our local government readers to sign up for email updates to stay abreast of Local Schedule developments.

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