New Digital Imaging and Document Destruction Contracts

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) and the Council on Competitive Government (CCG) offer the following two contracts for state agencies and local governments:

  • Digital Imaging Services Contract # CCG-DIS-2010-003
  • Secure Document Destruction Contract #050815-CCG-DD

Digital Imaging Services Contract

CCG recently rebid the Digital Imaging Services contract. See the April 14, 2011, announcement about the new contract in our previous blog post.

As a result of the rebid:

  • There is now a pool of vendors that can meet your agency’s digital imaging needs.
  • Neubus, the vendor under the previous contract (070130-CCG-DI), is one of the providers under the new contract (CCG-DIS-2010-003).
  • The previous contract will terminate on August 31, 2011.
  • All work currently under the previous contract must be transitioned to the new contract by September 1, 2011.

Additional information regarding the transition can be found here.


Secure Document Destruction Contract (includes e-waste)

CCG’s Secure Document Destruction Contract gives state agencies and local governments the ability to acquire efficient and secure destruction of confidential documents (paper and non-paper like microforms), electronic waste (e-Waste), and non-traditional materials.

Service Benefits and Features

Secure Document Destruction

Austin Task strongly recommends the TSL and all State of Texas agencies take the necessary steps to prevent as many secure documents as possible from entering the trash or recycling stream, alleviating the necessity for more than one contractor to handle the material in a given day. Examples include providing locked security containers next to or within close proximity to each printing/copying station in each facility that produces secure documents that currently end up in the trash or within the recycling stream.

Although this option would require a cultural change from some State of Texas employees, its long-term benefits include cost savings from waste removal, increased security and operational efficiencies. If adopted this best practice would remove the vast majority of secure documents from the hands of the janitorial staffs and recycling vendors. Moreover, this method will reduce the amount of waste each handles on a given day.

Austin Task can provide in-service training to any agency that wishes to create efficiencies within or begin a document destruction program. Austin Task will cover areas such as liability, the proper types of documents or material to place in the provided security containers and determination of pick up times, policies and procedures.

Hard Drives

On request agencies may have computer hard drives destroyed or crushed (not degaussed) at a total cost of $1.00 per hard drive.

e-Waste Program

    • e-Waste is defined as any electronic equipment encompassing: computers, computer components, hard drives, servers, CRT and flat panel monitors, printers, copiers, scanners, wiring, cabling, telephone switches and handsets, projectors, recording devices and audio/video equipment that is obsolete due to technological advances or whether the said device no longer works as designed.
    • e-Waste Destruction is defined as completely destroying each e-Waste item so that it can no longer be utilized in its original form or for its intended purpose.
    • e-Waste recycling is defined as zero landfill impact. All e-Waste received from the State of Texas will be destroyed and smelted, crushed and or shredded with the intended purpose of smelting the final product for precious metal recycling.

Non-traditional material destruction

Non-traditional material is defined as material, other than paper or plastic, requiring destruction and/or recycling due to the presence of logos, expired program or benefit information and/or other agency identifying information.

More information:

    • As of May 2010, documents destruction services were expanded, adding to the Austin area to include Waco, Temple, and Victoria, plus San Antonio and Houston.  Call to check specific locations.
    • Regularly scheduled pickup and delivery of locked security containers for secure document destruction.
    • One-time service (e.g. the destruction of a large number of records boxes) is available under this contract.

Key Details

    • Contract (9/8/2005 to 8/31/2011 with 1-year extensions), amendments, price sheet  An extension letter is being executed now to extend the contract to 8/31/2012.
    • Contract #050815-CCG-DD
    • NIGP Code:  962-27
    • Purchase Orders made out to:  Texas Industries for the Blind and Handicapped (TIBH)
    • Service Provider:  Austin Task, Inc.


For both contracts the Managing Agency is the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Contact Nanette Pfiester for more information. Email: Phone: (512) 463-5477