Managing Email Webinar on December 8th

Is your inbox winning? Photo by Kristie Wells via Creative Commons License

Is your agency keeping email long enough? Do you need help developing some training for your staff? Are you a government employee whose inbox is getting out of control?

If you’re not already signed up for our next free “Managing Your Email” webinar on December 8th, 11:00 am-noon, don’t fear: there is still time to register.

This webinar — recently updated to reflect findings of the RMICC Email Best Practices Work Group, as well as tips from other state archives — offers practical advice on some of our most frequently asked questions, like “How long do I keep email?”, “Which emails are records?”, and “How do I begin to organize my inbox?

The class includes a 3-step process for weeding down your inbox into just those emails that are records, then discusses how to set up a basic file plan to help you organize them.

What’s new to this webinar?

  • Email productivity tips
  • Tips for improving subject lines
  • Inbox and Sent Folder management
  • Suggested employee training
  • Procedures for emails of terminated employees

To register for the webinar, visit our website. The webinar will be open to both state agencies and local governments. We look forward to seeing you there!